Phone: 07588 323416

Email:  alex.d.jamieson@btinternet.com 

Here’s me, Alex, and my busy machine
It’s been with me since I was a teen
We will do all the repairing, your altering and mending
Providing your clothes are all clean :>

I’ll replace an old zip or a button that’s flipped
Repair your trousers when they’re ripped at the seam
If you are shorter I can certainly alter
the hems so you don’t trip and blaspheme

If its curtains your windows are needing
And the fabric is sat in a corner
I will make you a pair of nice new ones
Or make the existing ones shorter

Son or daughter attending a party?
And they have nothing to wear
Let me make them a costume
A fairy, princess, knight, dragon or bear

(if you think of it, I can probably make it)

Grown-ups don’t feel left out
I have costumes here for you
A wicked witch, a vampire, sexy satan too
Maybe something gothic for that special do

If you desire something fancy
And wish for a fantasy theme
Come and try one of my corsets
And then you can play out your dreams!  

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We have been trading upstairs in the Powis Hall for over five and half years.  We stock a wide range of smoking goods such as tips, papers, lighters etc.  In our adjacent unit we sell a wide range of socks, belts, braces and underwear.  We also sell wrist and pocket watches and supply/fit watch batteries and straps.  Other items we sell include blank DVD’s/CD’s. DVD/CD cases and carry cases, audio/video/P.C leads, batteries, reading and sun glasses and much more.

Phone: Any enquires contact Martin on 07943804676

Email: Martinsvideos@aol.com

(Smoking items are only sold to 18 years plus of age and I.D. may be required)

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