The ODD BOX has been trading upstairs in Oswestry indoor market since March 2005 building up a good customer  clientele.  We sell a range of goods including the following:-

A wide range of both ladies & gents socks, gents briefs, boxer shorts & Y fronts, ladies full briefs, hats, gloves, belts & braces, ladies tights. Another of our ranges is wrist watches & pocket watches, we also replace watch straps and batteries. We also stock blank cd/DVD’s and a wide range of disc cases. Another line we trade in is smoking goods which include tips, papers, lighters, rolling machines etc.

Smoking goods are only sold to over 18's

It's worth a visit to THE ODD BOX

Phone: Any enquires contact Martin on 07943804676

Email: Martinsvideos@aol.com

(Smoking items are only sold to 18 years plus of age and I.D. may be required)

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